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DEXA HACHIKA is a conceptual and performing artist, director, and researcher from the island of West Borneo. Her work explores beauty, body, endurance, art, and gender. the relationship between performer and audience, the limits of beauty, and the possibilities of the mind. Being active for more than a decade. She brought observer participation, focusing on "confronting pain, blood, and the physical limits of beauty".

DEXA was born in Pontianak, West Kalimantan, Indonesia on August 23, 1991. She started her theater experience at the age of 12. In 2010 She decided to go to Jogja to study at the Theater Department, Faculty of Performing Arts, Yogyakarta Indonesian Institute of the Arts with an interest in acting. She is still part of Purnati Indonesia and thanks to Mrs. Restu Imansari Kusumaningrum, she had the opportunity to join Suzuki Company Toga until 2019.

In the process of working in theater while completing her master& studies, She tried to reflect on herself and created a work entitled Plastic Body. This work begins with the subjective experience of seeing beauty. How self, reality, and image struggle in life as it is today. Which states that problems in the world of beauty fuel the economy.

About the body being disciplined or politicized to keep doing beauty treatments. this is in line with and has the same context as beauty. Both go through painful phases in the process of achievement and both achieve.

KARMA PUAN KARNA PALA is a performance work inspired by the novel 'Mirah dari Banda" by Hanna Rambe which tells the story of the expression of the fighting spirit of women in the limitations of the past. Inspired by the story of the fighting spirit of "Mirah" who is a contract worker as well as a singer in the field. the island of Banda Neira. The Banda Neira Archipelago itself is a rich island and has an extraordinary persona until it was contested by many parties in the 16th century by the British and Dutch governments. The forms of double oppression found in Mirah's novel from Banda are based on the perspective of postcolonial feminism. Results The analysis shows that the novel discusses the inferior position of women due to the dominance of the Dutch and Japanese colonial systems and the patriarchal domination of both colonial and indigenous men.

Indigenous women at that time suffered and were at the lowest level in the colonial situation. At that time women were placed as babu, nyai, coolies, jugun ian fu who were vulnerable to physical cruelty. In addition, the emergence of the role of the indigenous as an intermediary for the colonial party and several times participated in sexual violence, in indigenous women being oppressed. This show tries to transmit the fighting spirit of life to the current generation so that they don't give up easily with the fierce competition in life and don't forget past events.


Dexara Hachika



Penata Musik

Muhamad Erdifadilah


Martinus Sani D. Raja

M. Rizky Setywan

i Wayan pande narawara

nona Rozalia

Dimas Adinata Raharja

Penata Lighting

Ibnu Sohib


  1. Kevin Abani
  2. Juanita Elisabet Janis
  3. Riri Natasya Elgiva Givela
  4. Lenny Multyaningsih
  5. Yohanes Exsa Afito Sega
  6. Elnani Yuliana
  7. Nias Nur Izati
  8. Eskhana Carmelia
  9. Juyes Dardo
  10. Hilda Amalia Putri
  11. Adhesty Cika Riyanti Wibisono
  12. Awang Muhklis Suhardi
  13. Sukron makmun
  14. Aditiya Purwanto 
  15. Chornelia Dwi Saputri
  16. Dendi 
  17. Anggun Oktavia Mey Riasari

Penata Artistik

Rama Rezyansyah Al Gadri


Monica Ghioto

Ikhsan Bastian

Stage manager

Miftahul Jannah

Aditya Eka Darmawan

Make up & Kostum

Amanda Diva
Aditta Dheamasto



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"Karma Puan Karna Pala"

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